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Breath and sleep go hand in hand for human beings. Research has proven that humans can survive three times longer without food than that of sleep. An adult body needs at least 6 to 8hrs of good sleep every day to have good mental and physical health. One can’t stress more on how important sleep is to human beings.

The true relaxation to our body is a night of good and sound sleep. While we are asleep, cosmic energy enters our body which relaxes every part of us and rejuvenates us when are awake.

The digital world has given a different meaning to relaxation though; watching TV or smartphones to get relaxed. This makes us feel tired. But who cares!

Blessed are those who dive into a deep sleep.

In today’s situation, getting 4hrs of sound sleep itself has become scarce. There are various reasons for this:

  • All age groups have equal levels of stress which are the main cause of sleep deprivation. Be that at school, workplace, home, etc.
  • Bad and undisciplined lifestyle
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking

And the list goes on with last but not the least Snoring! Yes, you heard it right. Snoring is also one of the reasons for sleeplessness.

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What is Snoring?

It is a harsh sound that is made by a person during sleep. More or less, all humans snore at some point. But, in some people, the sound is too loud to bear. The person who snores loud might not even know that he/she snores unless someone tells him/her. They have no idea how they are disturbing the people around them. For their mistake, others are going sleepless.

Often people fail to accept that snoring is a disease. The side effects of this ignored condition are not lesser than any other fatal disease; snoring snatches sleep, may it be from you or people around you.  

What are the Causes of Snoring?

Snoring is caused by various factors like overweight, stress, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, etc.

When we slip to deep sleep, the muscles in the tongue, throat, and roof of our mouth start to relax. They relax enough that they partially block or narrow down the airway and vibrate.

The more narrowed the airway is, the more forceful the airflow becomes. This, in turn, increases tissue vibration resulting in a loud snore.

Below conditions can affect the airway and cause loud snoring:

  • Mouth anatomy. A low and thick soft palate (the roof of our mouth) can narrow the airway. Overweighed people may have extra tissues in the back of their throats that may further narrow their airways. Similarly, an elongated uvula (the triangular piece of tissue that hangs from the soft palate) obstructs airflow and increases vibration.
  • Alcohol consumption. If you have a habit of consuming too much alcohol before going to bed, don’t be surprised to see your partner waking you up at the midnight just to say that you are snoring and yes snoring badly. Because alcohol relaxes throat muscles, snoring becomes louder.
  • Sleep deprivation. Just to make the situation worse, not sleeping for minimum required hours relaxes the throat further.
  •  Nasal Issues. Severe nasal blocks or a deviated nasal septum may also contribute to your snoring.
  • Sleep position. Snoring is at its peak when one sleeps on their back. The gravity’s effect on the throat has to be blamed for narrowing the airway.

Complications of Snoring

If snoring is left out untreated just because it is a sound, then you are wrong. Sometimes, snoring indicates an underlying chronic health condition.

Sleep Apnea

Snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a disorder caused when your breathing is interrupted during sleep. The interruption can last for several minutes or can occur throughout the night.

There are different forms of sleep apnea.

  • OSA – Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This form of sleep disorder is most common and occurs in people who are overweight or allergic. With overweight, the airway passages are blocked either partially or fully. The snorer has to wake up each time to unblock the passage.

  • CSA – Central Sleep Apnea

This happens when your brain is unable to control your breathing while you are asleep. The brain cannot deliver signals to the muscles that control your breath CSA affects about one-third of the people who have suffered from cardiac failure.

If snoring is associated with OSA, you may be at high risk for other complications, including:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Frequent anger
  • Difficulty focusing
  • A greater risk of heart strokes and high blood pressure
  • Behavioral problems such as aggression or learning problems, in children with OSA
  • Misunderstandings in married life
  • Increased depression and loneliness  

How to treat Snoring?

Surgical processes are available to treat complicated cases of snoring. However, most of the time, surgical steps are not needed and can treat snoring by following a good lifestyle and by using snoring aids. Various snoring aids are available in the market today and one such anti-snoring device is Silicone’s SilentSnore.

Before we dig into the details, let us discuss a few facts.

Does an anti-snoring device help?

The answer to the question is simple; it depends on the kind of device that is being used. Anti-snoring devices have mixed reviews. Some people say they are comfortable and some find the devices irritating. The reason behind the annoyance is that it is tough to sleep when an external object is attached to the body. Some devices need to be fixed inside your mouth which causes a feeling of disturbance.

Unlike that, SilentSnore is a nasal device that has to be plugged to nostrils. It is similar to a tiny nose ring that is placed inside your nose. It is lightweight and there is no molding involved. Just take it out from its case and place it inside your nose. And it starts doing its wonders.

The device fits on all shapes of nostrils and is easy to use and clean. It is manufactured by a HongKong based company.

How does SilentSnore work?

SilentSnore is a nasal device that wide opens the nostrils and the blocked airways so that you can breathe properly. This is particularly effective if you have deviated septum. When the nostrils and blockages are opened wide there will be no obstruction to airflow and results in decreased snoring.

The SilentSnore is pushed into the nasal opening before going to sleep.
SilentSnore Review
Breathe deeply again – SilentSnore promotes nasal breathing and combats disagreeable snoring.

How to use SilentSnore?

The device looks like a nose pierces and can be pinched inside your nose. SilentSnore has two small magnets that open up your nasal holes. It is made up of silicon to be gentle and soft on your nose. There is no need to customize the device according to your nostrils’ size or to get a mold. All that you have to do is to place this device inside your nose and your nasal cavity is propped open.

Is it safe to use SilentSnore?

SilentSnore is entirely safe to use. The parts that you place inside your nose are made of Silicon and they are gentle on the sensitive skin of your nostrils. There would be no wound when you use this to open your nasal cavities. The silicon rests softly inside the nostrils.

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Benefits of SilentSnore

The most significant benefit of SilentSnore is that you get a good night’s sleep. Your family will also able to sleep peacefully.

Following are the benefits you get out of SilentSnore:

  • Adequate sleep to you and your family members at night.
  • Feel replenished and rejuvenated
  • Increase in focus on your work or studies
  • It improves emotional bonding with family and loved ones.
  • Brings you out of your depression
  • More sleepovers with your family and friends 

Disadvantages of using SilentSnore

  • The most significant disadvantage of using a snoring device is that you are not used to having an external object on you while sleeping. This takes some time to get accustomed to.
  • The product is available only on the official website of the manufacturer.

SilentSnore Maintenance

You need to maintain and clean your nasal device after every use. This device comes with a small shelf pot in which you should place it after every use so that it does not get dirty. The device is easy to clean and can be reused.

It is manufactured using silicone gel which is eco-friendly and does not allow any rusting to happen.


Side Effects

There are no documented side effects of this device.

Purchase and price

The product is available not only on the official website of the manufacturer but also with retailers.

  • Click here to navigate to the link
  • Fill in your name and address details
  • The rest is assured and will be delivered to you on time without any shipping charges. 

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Customer Reviews

Anonymous ~ Though I did not trust this product from the reviews, I decided to try it since I was fed up with my snoring. And I am glad that I decided to order this product because it works very well. It was a little uncomfortable when I attached it to my nose, but otherwise, it is okay. I used to wake up at night just to check whether or not it is there or fallen. But the device stays right there in place. According to the manufacturer it is held in place with the magnets at the end of the ring. I have had a snoring problem ever since I gained weight, and after using SilentSnore, my problem has gone away. My husband says that I don’t snore anymore.

Kelly ~ This anti-snoring device is tiny. It looks like a horseshoe except that I use it as a nasal device. It helps me with my snoring, and I can go out with my friends and stay overnight without being embarrassed about my snoring habits.

Bonny ~ I have a big snoring problem and I ordered SilentSnore to bring me out of this problem. But I cannot sleep with anything like this attached to my nose. It is not the problem of the device as it helped me as long as I was using it. It is my problem that I cannot have an external object on my body when I am sleeping. It irritates me and disturbs me, but those few times I used the product, it worked well and never disappointed me

Chaitu ~ My husband has a serious snoring problem and I found it weird when I got to know about this. It was a first such experience for me as I had never heard it so loud before. I felt sad for him and browsed the internet for the remedies. He has tried many aids and nothing was working. Few of them were falling off due to his forceful breath. Tired of all those, I thought of giving a last try and bought SilentSnore. And thank god we found it. It helped me than my husband as I could sleep in peace finally. Besides using this device, my husband also managed losing weight which helped. Also, he started sleeping on his side rather than on his back. 



Is SilentSnore waterproof?
Yes, it is. It can be washed with both hot and cold water to maintain hygiene.

How soon can I receive my order?
All orders are shipped with USPS priority airmail. The delivery takes about 5 working days. All the orders are insured with guaranteed delivery.

Is it possible to track my order?
When you confirm your order, you get an email with your order number and tracking information.

What should I do if I need additional information?
For further questions and clarifications, please contact customer service. Details are as mentioned in the website. 

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

A significant part of the population suffers from snoring. It is not a disease, but it is something that can cause many diseases if left untreated. Snoring steals yours and your family’s peace and doesn’t allow your body to function properly. Snoring can also introduce you to heart attacks and high BP. Also, it is not safe to drive if you have not slept properly. No wonder why most of the accidents happen at night time.

SilentSnore is a small device that looks like a piercing ring. All you have to do is to attach it to the nasal partition. It will help keep your nostrils open so that air can pass through properly.

Snoring can cause serious relationship problems. It can also create work problems because sleep deprivation will not let you focus on your work, and you can make mistakes.

Before your snore turns in to a roar, go and get your SilentSnore today to gift yourself and your family a good night’s sleep!!

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